Preparing students to communicate, innovate, solve problems, and contribute to local and global communities

Advancing your learning in and out of the classroom

IUPUI prepares you to communicate, innovate, engage in local and global communities, and solve the problems of the twenty-first century. Along this journey, you will have many opportunities to reflect upon your classroom and co-curricular learning, develop your expertise in your chosen field, and grow as a human being. You will become acquainted with each of the Profiles—Communicator, Problem Solver, Innovator, and Community Contributor—beginning in general education courses and first-year experiences and continuing as you progress along your pathway through your major coursework and co-curricular activities toward your capstone or culminating experience.

Student stories encountering the Profiles

Gracie Lyons working on laptop during internship experience.

Gracie Lyons solves problems as a sustainability intern

Sophomore Gracie Lyons discusses her internship at the Office of Sustainability and how this experience fits into the Problem Solver category of the Profiles of Learning for Undergraduate Success.

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Safia Shakil confronts challenges in the lab at the IU School of Medicine

Safia Shakil is a junior studying biomedical engineering. Shakil has been doing research at a lab in the IU School of Medicine in the biochemistry/molecular biology department since her sophomore year thanks to receiving grants to fund it.

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